What is the difference between a technique class

and a general class?


Different people have different learning styles, some respond to changes in classes, exercises and  combinations; some like to focus on a specific task and challenge; for some, a combination of both works for them.

The Dance Factory technique classes  focuses on the mastery of a graded, progressive set of exercises, travels and routines over a given 10 week period.

It offers through focused teaching, an opportunity to understand dance technique and it’s application in a systematic way under an experience teachers guidance.

It is progressive in that it has eight levels ( 1-8) that increase incrementally in difficulty and execution.

It can be graded, so for those students that like to set a benchmark for themselves there can be an exam at the end of the 10 week period 

It is based on the Dance Factory Teachers Syllabus.

So, if you feel like working on your Dance skills and technique, check out our new technique classes below.


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