Isabelle’s Academy of Tap, a Melbourne based tap dance school, specialises in teaching adults a spectrum of tap styles from traditional, jazz, musical theatre, pop, funk to that of the uniquely Australian Tap Dogs. This diverse repertoire of styles pays tribute to the rich heritage of tap dance and its talented exponents who have breathed life into this art form since it blossomed in America in the early twentieth century.

Founded in 1980, Isabelle Ryan, the Principal of Isabelle’s Academy of Tap, along with her associate Megan Ellis, teaches adults from absolute beginners to professional dancers. All welcome!

Benefits of Tap Dancing…

  •   Tap dancing is fun! Have you ever seen an un-happy tapper?
  •    It relieves stress
  •    It develops your balance
  •    It may help you lose weight
  •    It improves your fitness
  •    It is weight bearing and assists in developing bone density
  •    It is great for your memory
  •    It develops a sense of musicality and rhythm,
  •    And in total, gives a feeling of well-being


Isabelle Ryan

Isabelle trained in all aspects of dance from a young age. She danced professionally in musical theatre and television over a period of 15 years, dancing in shows such as Funny Girl, No No Nanette, Promises Promises, Irene, The Black and White Minstrel Show, The Wiz, just to name a few.

Isabelle went on to teach professional actors in both jazz and tap. At that point she realised her passion lay in teaching tap and she started teaching adult beginners….the rest is history. She has been successfully running her own school since 1980.

Along with running her own school, Isabelle has also taught at many other dance schools including the Victorian College of the Arts (Dance and Drama), Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, National Theatre Ballet School and many more.

Megan Ellis

Megan has trained in tap and jazz dance and has been teaching with Isabelle for 20+ years. After teaching at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School (Dance) for over 15 years, Megan resigned her position in early 2013 to explore other opportunities. Megan has also been a teacher and guest assessor at the Victorian College of the Arts Tertiary school and many other dance schools in Melbourne including National Theatre Ballet School, Thelma Williams School of Dance, Bev Palmer School of Dance.

In addition to her training in Melbourne, she has undertaken training in both LA and New York with some renown tappers including Savion Glover, Germaine Salsberg, Shea Sullivan and Lynn Schwab.

Megan has choreographed for television, movies, major events and live theatre. Megan’s passion is in choreography and passing on the art of tap to both adults and children


Isabelle’s Academy of Tap

PO BOX 476 Richmond, VIC 3121

Email:  tapminx@hotmail.com

Webpage: http://www.isabellestap.com.au/

Tel: (03)9415 7157





Our Teachers
    Alex Hyne, Dance Factory, teacher, dance teacher