Dance Factory’s corona virus shutdown

As we all know these are fast changing times given the Victorian Government shutdown.

So what does that mean for Dance Factory?

When you look at the media and information surrounding this Corona crises and its ramifications keep in mind that as far as we can make out Dance Factory is covered under two classifications

  • Indoor sporting activity (for our casual classes, studio hire and junior school)
  • School / university/TAFE (for our Certificate, Diploma and VET courses)

According to my understanding, both have different requirements.

Indoor sports require us to have no activities at our Dance Factory studios when it applies to our casual classes, studio hire and junior school. That applies to our classes and our hirers regardless of social distancing.  Think of a large gym, even if it one person is working out it still has to remain closed.

So until further notice, (we should monitor requirements for indoor sports and gyms) Dance Factory unfortunately will not be able to provide casual classes, junior school or studio hire.

 On the other hand, given the importance of the entire Education sector in our community, the Government seems committed to keeping courses and VET dance going , through online resources and safe distancing,.

At the moment I believe that the Education Department would expect us to resume for second term and Dance Factory is still committed to resuming our courses on 19 April.

As it stands this will be a mixture of face to face (adhering to social distancing) and online instructional videos for our assessment work, ( along with the very, very rough videos of our numbers from rehearsal week)  through our You Tube channel ,  theory work through our Google drive/classrooms ,and if need be chat rooms,  through Zoom.

I think these two models of course delivery will allow us all to move forward in the delivery of our courses.

This situation is changing hour by hour, day by day, it is a generational event and we know that policy is being formulated as we speak

Strange times indeed, stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned

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    Alex Hyne, Dance Factory, teacher, dance teacher