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Dance is a powerful teaching tool that engages students physically, mentally and creatively; it is an inspirational way for students (and teachers) to move beyond the traditional class room and gain experiences in new and exciting ways.

Over the years the Dance Factory’s schools program has proven to be  inspirational way for students and teachers to learn new skills and techniques that can be incorporated into their Personal Development and Physical Education Programs, not to mention school  productions.

Alternatively, it also makes an exciting and engaging option for end of year post exam activities.

We can create and conduct a range of workshops that can be delivered on site at the school, or  we can provide studio space here at Dance Factory, as we can accommodate anywhere up to 60 students in one studio.

For many years now Dance Factory has been providing dance education to schools from all over Victoria. We have the experience, staff and options to provide you with the right dance outcome for your school.

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Our Teachers
    Alex Hyne, Dance Factory, teacher, dance teacher