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15th APRIL 2024






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For those international students that want to combine their love of dance and performing with their studies here in Australia, Dance Factory provides a truly fulfilling study experience here in Melbourne. Dance Factory offers a range of courses that are rewarding, fully accredited and CRICOS approved for internationals students. 

As a proven leader in the dance education market, Dance Factory has been offering CRICOS approved and accredited dance courses to internationals students from all over the world for over 20 years; countries that include the U.S.A., Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, India, Chile, Germany, Spain, and many, many more.

Dance Factory international students now teach, choreograph and perform across the globe, thanks to the comprehensive training of the Dance Factory’s CRICOS approved courses.

Dance Factory has been a leader in dance training and education since its inception in the 1980’s.

We were the first studio to offer full time commercial dance courses, the first to offer fully accredited commercial dance courses and become a Registered Training Organisation

We were then the first to offer accredited commercial dance courses to international students and now we offer the widest range of full and part time accredited dance, dance teaching and musical theatre courses in Australia.

But what does all this mean to the student?

It means that we can cater to the individual; provide dance education that exactly matches a person’s standards and abilities, as well as their goals and intended career paths.

This combined with our outstanding graduate history, which sees Dance Factory graduates performing in Asia, the West End and New York, not to mention teaching, choreographing and producing across Australia and internationally, means that Dance Factory still remains an Australian dance education leader.

Full-time courses

STUDENTS 18 YEARS & OVER CAN APPLY (under 18 would need a special exemption).

Certificate II & III courses: no audition necessary.

* CUA20120 Certificate II in Dance (CRICOS Course Code: 105766C)

– 6 months full time

Perfect for the beginner or intermediate student. This course aims to introduce the dance student to a variety of dance styles and performance skills. Click here to view course units

* CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance (CRICOS Course Code: 107649C)

– 1 year full time

For the intermediate dance student, Certificate III aims to develop performers in a range of dance styles and areas, including vocal production, drama and acrobatics. Click here to view course units

* CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance (CRICOS Course Code: 105788H)

– 1 year full time

For the advanced dance student, in this course, dance, performance and allied skills are developed, preparing the student for professional employment in the industry. Employment opportunities include chorus and ensemble work in dance and cabaret shows in Australia, Asia, Europe, and on cruise ships. Click here to view course units

* CUA40320 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management (CRICOS Course Code: 107835A) 

 – 1 year full time

Perfect for the experienced dancer wanting to gain accredited qualifications for teaching beginner to intermediate students. The course is designed to enable the teaching of correct technique, safe dance awareness, group dynamics and confident teaching skills. Click here to view course units

* CUA50220 Diploma of Musical Theatre (CRICOS Course Code: 105810D)

1 year full time

Further develops the dancer, with increased emphasis on dance, performance and choreographic skills. Graduates may find employment opportunities in dance teaching, choreography, and dance, singing & acting roles. Dance production, choreography, and dance teaching are emphasised to broaden the professional careers prospects of graduates. Click here to view course units

* CUA50320 Diploma of Dance Teaching & Management (CRICOS Course Code: 10783K) 

– 1 year full time

Perfect for the experienced dance teacher wanting to gain accredited qualifications for teaching and choreographing intermediate to advanced students. The course is designed to enable the teaching of correct technique, safe dance awareness, understanding group dynamics, the development of confident teaching skills and the skills required to run a small business. The course also focuses on the development of the students own dance technique. Click here to view course units

* CUA51520 Diploma of Professional Dance (Elite Performance)(CRICOS Course Code: 107836M) 

– 1 year full time or 2 years part time

This qualification caters to those dancers aspiring to work at an elite level, and is a gateway to working professionally in the dance and performance industry. At this level individuals are expected to apply themselves, creatively, physically, independently and emotionally through a range of skills and in a variety of situations. Click here to view course units



Access to the course is not limited on the basis of gender, social or educational background.

Due to the physical nature of the course and the demands of the commercial dance and musical theatre performance profession, physical ability and appearance are important considerations.

All applicants should have previous dance/movement training, or be able to display a suitable level of physical co-ordination, sensory facility and potential suitability to meet the course requirements.

Admission to the course requires the student to demonstrate sufficient movement ability and satisfy the Artistic Director and teaching staff representatives.

Admission to the course is normally at Certificate II level for beginner students, Certificate III level for intermediate students and Certificate IV level for advanced students. Only graduates of Dance Factory’s Certificate IV can apply for the Diploma level.

ESOS information for students


Students who have completed units from their course at other institutions will be given recognition on presentation of a verified transcript, Award or Statement of Attainment.


In order to complete the course students will need to have basic language, literacy and numeric skills. The skills will need to be sufficient enough to:

  • Prepare written assignments
  • Prepare and deliver a written journal
  • Read basic anatomy and ‘principals of practice’ literature
  • Count to music for timing
  • Read and recite scripts and song lyrics

It is expected that international students will be functionally literate to the extent required to read, comprehend and discuss course materials. English Language equivalent to an IELTS score of 5.5 or completion of the audition requirements of Dance Factory.


The course is broken up into four terms with a two week vacation break between each term. Students can commence at the beginning of any term.


Teacher led practical classes and performance workshop classes. Teacher led discussions of relevant industry particulars. Media assisted learning and self analysis. Ongoing self evaluation. Substantial practical experience of performance environments.


  • Provide a high level of training across a variety of dance styles based on practical dance technique.
  • To develop students’ choreographic skills.
  • To develop students’ vocal and drama skills.
  • To prepare students for auditions in the Performing Arts Industry.
  • To instil in students a professional attitude towards grooming, reliability and self discipline.
  • To provide career security by developing teaching skills and qualifications.

These courses are fully accredited with the Australian Skills Quality Authority and CRICOS for international students. Students can apply for credit transfer to other tertiary institutions.

Click here for information on Deferral of commencement, suspension of studies, cancellation of enrolment.


  • 5 dance studios equipped with mirrors, barres, sound equipment, sprung floors, tarquet.
  • Television Room and Singing Room for private lessons.
  • DVD/Video Recorder, Video Camera, Photocopier, Fax.
  • Video and Book Library.
  • Access to Pilates, Gymnasium, Physiotherapist, Massage, Library, Theatrette.

Students seeking ACCOMMODATION may find the following sites of some assistance or can ask for a list at Dance Factory reception:








Our Teachers
    Alex Hyne, Dance Factory, teacher, dance teacher