The Dance Factory Teachers Academy syllabus, (DFTA) is a comprehensive dance and dance teaching syllabus that is currently being taught in schools right across Victoria.

The syllabus is constantly updated in line with developing safe dance principles and current emerging dance trends. It is a syllabus that is progressive in it’s challenges as well as comprehensive in it’s teaching principals and dance technique

The syllabus was introduced in 1982 as “Academy of Teachers Dancing” (A.O.T.D). In 1991, the name was changed to “Dance Factory Teachers Academy” (D.F.T.A), under the direction of Dulcie Lee.

It was devised with the help of physiotherapists, chiropractors and dance teachers to be kept in line with Safe Dance Policies.

All the styles, jazz, classical, tap and funk have been carefully developed with a planned progression to increase skill, co-ordination and flexibility at an appropriate pace. Students find their abilities to adapt to different styles will be increased.

The D.F.T.A. syllabus has been devised so that teachers can use it as their class plan. The gradual learning of dance technique from the beginner to advanced standard through each level, gives dancers and teachers a comprehensive and safe understanding of the body.

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    Alex Hyne, Dance Factory, teacher, dance teacher